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I didn’t have to look very hard to establish that, once again, I’d failed to make it on to the Sunday Times Rich List. Not even into the lower end of the top 1,000.

Perhaps I should have held my hand up higher and they might have noticed me. But no, another year, another no-show.

I wonder who ‘they’ are, the people who sort the wheat from the impoverished chaff. What a job, eh? Spending a year minding other people’s business and slotting their names into order according to how many squillions of billions of pounds they have stashed away.

As we all know, you can’t take it with you, so what do these people do with their money? Some give huge amounts to charity, which is laudable, but as far as I can see from a few photographs, a lot spend it on tasteless bling. Judging by the number of smugeroos sitting among a sea of gilt repro furniture and glittering chandeliers, they didn’t make their fortune through tapping in to their aesthetic side.

A few don’t appear to spend it on personal grooming, either, but I shouldn’t get too personal.

Am I giving the impression of envy? I don’t mean to. I couldn’t imagine being happier than I am now, and I suspect that unfeasible amounts of money could only change that for the worse.

A few people of our acquaintance are, as we say, ‘troubled by money’ and they seem to have a tormented life as they obsess about investing in this and getting the best return on that. There are some we know who belong to investment clubs, where I presume they count their money in front of each other, join forces for a little splurge on something offering a good return, and compare Great Carpetbagging Feats of my Lifetime. It sounds thrilling stuff.

I suppose a couple of thousand or three might make a welcome difference to immediate needs here at Hill Towers, perhaps for painting the outside doors and window frames, but big bucks would only send Geoff and me into a dither of indecision and we’d end up dropping it or losing it down a drain.

Most of us are mere onlookers to the lives of the Rich Listers. We may raise an eyebrow of interest in their activities, perhaps even wonder why we hadn’t thought of such-and-such an invention or why we can’t write songs and sing as well as Adele or Ed Sheeran and stand on the world stage under a spotlight of superfandom.

But we’re not, we’re here, keeping the wheels turning at ground level, most of us just managing to live within our means and not thrusting after a place on that stage.

Of course, a light-bulb moment might happen, we may come up with that commercially viable invention and become swept away on a tide of success that lands us on the Rich List. Dream on. Look at all those crushed hopes and tales of ignominy that make us cringe on Dragons Den.

I had a brilliant idea only the other day, revolutionising the task of applying suncream to wriggling children. I shared the thought with my daughter and we (very) briefly fantasised about becoming entrepreneurs.

Then we wondered why no-one had thought of it before, until we realised that they probably had. Someone’s always got there first and, when the wrinkles don’t iron out, they move on to the next brainwave.

Sadly, I’ve only had that one idea and now my light bulb has gone out.


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